Need A Little Help With Property Management?

Let Keyrenter Chicago Metro Show You Why It Is Worth It To Work With A Professional.

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Pet Guard

  • Keyrenter screens pets to ensure the pet owner and pet will be a good fit for your home
  • $1,000 guarantee to cover any pet damage included

Tenant Guarantee

  • We will replace any tenant who breaks the lease early at no cost to you.

Maintenance Guarantee

  • We utilize our proven vendor network to get repairs done professionally, timely and affordably
  • If a repair is done incorrectly, we will ensure it is fixed at no cost to you

Complexities in Property Management?

Pricing your residential investment property to meet market value and attract the right tenants.

Marketing and showing your home.

Collecting applications and running background checks.

Selecting the tenant and setting the right expectations.

Screening potential tenants and setting the right expectations.

Drafting a lease contract that protects your investment.

Understanding fair housing laws and how they apply to you.

Avoiding lost income from evictions and lease violations.

Handling maintenance requests and knowing what is a reasonable request.

Establishing a trusted vendor network for maintenance needs.

Knowing what kind of insurance you need to carry as a landlord.

Handling the complex accounting of your investment.

Picking the right property management company for the best value and service, instead of simply trying to save a few dollars with low-end service.

Keyrenter Chicago Metro

We Take the Risk Out Of Renting

Renting your home is simple with Keyrenter. We make the entire experience hassle-free, and we walk you through the steps of renting your home or investment property without the stress of doing it yourself. If anything goes wrong, we have systems in place to take care of you and your property. The experience of renting your home will be completely different than managing it yourself, or working with one of our low-price cut-rate competitors.

“I have had great communication with Heather at Keyrenter and have always felt very well taken care of as well as a top priority. I enjoy working with them and know if I have any issue in the future that they will be quickly taken care of!”

—Ashley G.


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